Andy Graham 

Director at Smart Property

Episode 056

 Calvin Mckenzie 

Founder of PluggedIn University

Episode 048

Andy Cunnington

Globetrotter, Life Liver

Episode 044 & 023

Adam Fayed

FA & Director at International AMG

Episode 040

Reece Richiardi

Entrepreneur, Founder of Humman

Episode 035

Adam Horton

Founder & CEO of Hortons

Episode 032

Nathan Eaves

Founder at The Art of Selling Ltd

Episode 042

Darren Rogan

Chef/Founder of ByDarrenRogan

Episode 022

Jonathon Barrs

Insurance Broker at Alan Boswell

Episode 019

Saif Derzi

Director at SDGB Properties

Episode 013

Chris Browne

Entrepreneur, Property Investor

Episode 010

 Cameron & Chillee 

Entrepreneurs/Uni Students

Episode 054

Charlie Sampson

Former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi

Episode 047 & 028

Ben Sykes

Founder of The New Homes Agent

Episode 043

Ryan Lovett

Entrepreneur, Founder of C.L.E.A.N

Episode 038

Ash Wilks

Co-Founder of Wallbreaker

Episode 034

Peter Watson

CEO of Distract

Episode 031 & 003

Will Fairburn

MD of WJF Car Sales, Developer

Episode 026

Bjorn Bojen

Managing Director of Orisel

Episode 021

Marc Rhodes

Founder of MR7 Marketing

Episode 017

Henry Temple-Baxter

Founder of Investments of Expats

Episode 012

Jade Stalker

PHD Candidate & UNI Lecturer

Episode 008

 Scott Williams 

Co-Founder of Amplo Group

Episode 050

Simon Akers

Founder of Archmon

Episode 046

Jack McGovern

Founder at Glow Heating Services

Episode 041

Sam Clarke

Entrepreneur, Marketer

Episode 036 & 006

James Rogers

Tru Health & Primal Life Gym

Episode 033

Neil Everatt

CEO of Selenity

Episode 030

Ed Crowther

Entrepreneur, DJ

Episode 025

Sultana Rahman

Co-Creator of SqWears Couture

Episode 020

John Munton

Financial Advisor at Flying Colours

Episode 014

Tomasz Tchorzewski

Entrepreneur, Property Developer

Episode 011

Michael Primrose

MD of The Property Finance Guy

Episode 007


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